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ExpressVPN - 30 Days FREE

ExpressVPN - 30 Days FREE

30 Days Free


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ExpressVPN is the gold standard for VPNS and I've been using it daily since 2016.

Turn it on with just a tap, it just works.

How it works:

A VPN is like a private, encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic that your internet service provider, hackers at the coffee shop, and government agencies can't see into.

More Devices

Express VPN supports every major operating system, as well as many other smart devices - from your router to your XBOX you're covered. You can use the VPN over the entire device or just on the browser.

More Locations

ExpressVPN has more than 160 server locations in 94 countries. Allowing me to connect to the country I'm selling in so that I can effectively spy on local ads or marketplace results, or just watch Netflix in languages I'm learning.

Fast: Express is FAST, I've been able to stream 2k resolution youtube videos... even in China.

Unlimited Bandwidth: There are no caps and no restrictions - making it much better than other VPNs or even private ones you make yourself where you pay for bandwidth.

Privacy: ExpressVPN doesn't keep any server logs or records. In fact, no data is ever written to their harddrives. your browsing is absolutely private and your ISP can't spy on you. Your traffic is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and you're immune to man in the middle attacks and weak wifi connections.

Support: Express offers 24 hour live support. I've been impressed with the speed in which they patch and release updates when China makes changes to the Great Firewall, and I'm able to keep working within an hour or two.

ExpressVPN - Use Cases for Entrepreneurs

  1. Spy on Google Shopping or Amazon results as if you were in that country, or provide it to your VAs so that they can research from overseas.
  2. Spy on Local advertising - display, social and google ads on mobile or desktop
  3. Access all the western websites and social networks when you're in China or another country that restricts your internet access.
  4. Peace of Mind: no one will be able to hack your connection while you're at a coffee shop, airport, hotel, or other location.
  5. Avoid price discrimination (especially on travel sites)
  6. Relax - watch netflix, hulu, disney+ and others from abroad - on any device.

Protip - in order to avoid some restrictions or what a site picks up - ExpressVPN is not enough, download the FREE EPIC Privacy browser to prevent your browser from sending ANY signal to the host website.

Check out this link to see what browsers, and even Amazon can pick up when you hit their site:

You might be shocked - everything from your time zone, to your browser plugins are usually sent to the website. Canvas Fingerprinting is another technology used in order to track you. This is one way that Amazon is able to link accounts so effectively if you use the same device and browser.

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