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Brex - Additional Sign Up Bonus

Brex - Additional Sign Up Bonus

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Easy to Open from Overseas

Unlimited Virtual Cards

Up to 8x Points on Rewards Program

No Fees on Domestic or International Wires

Get an additional $250 sign up bonus through this link for a total of more than $550 in sign up bonuses

What is Brex? Brex is an online only bank and fintech unicorn built for US based businesses. It's easy to open and easy to use. It's my business bank of choice. It's fixed most of my issues with business banking and I would highly recommend them.

Brex Cards Create unlimited virtual credit cards with the tap of a button - ready to use instantly. Create a card per vendor to track them, or credit employee cards with limits you set.

Brex Integrations: Brex integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, and other software to help you close your books fast. You can even upload receipts right in Brex for easy tracking and auto matching of receipts.

Brex Instant Payouts: Get your Amazon or Shopify sales in your bank account the next day for a 1% fee - this is ESSENTIAL for high ticket dropshippers and fixes cashflow issues quickly.

Brex Rewards and Perks: Brex's Perks program gives you crazy rewards on everything from Google Ads and AWS to Experian and Fedex - they've saved me thousands just through this. The Rewards program is super flexible and has some categories like ride sharing with up to 8x points. You can even get your rewards as Crypto, sent to any address in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Multiple sub accounts Keep up to 8 sub accounts for different companies or lines of business

Fee-Free: Zero fees for sending domestic or international ACH and Wire transfers. No Monthly fee and no minimum balance.

What are the advantages of Brex for Amazon or Shopify Sellers?

Easy to open online from anywhere in the world Fee Free Transfers Unlimited Virtual Cards Money in the bank the next day Amazing support

Zack's testimonial: Brex changed the game for me for my high ticket dropshipping business - I would have the money from orders in my bank account the next day and could pay my suppliers instead of fronting my own capital. The virtual cards let me trust my employees since I could set limits and see exactly what the were doing. The sub accounts let me keep my different lines of business seperate, and the ability to attach receipts and purchase orders gave me and my bookkeeper a lot more faith in the process. The rewards program has been amazing, especially with the live support on travel booking. I highly recommend checking out Brex and it just might change your relationship with Banking. It's easy to set up an account and get started.

The Sign Up Bonus:

Get 10,000 points when you spend $3,000 on a Brex card and 20,000 points when you link a payroll or ecommerce platform to Brex within your first 3 months. The 20,000 points will only be awarded on a one-time basis when a customer links a payroll/e-commerce provider in the first three months and that no additional points will be awarded with subsequent links to additional platforms.

Get an additional $250 Amazon gift card to your email when you sign up with this link, you might need to mention Seller.Deals or ZF Ventures LLC when you apply.

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