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DataSpark - 50% Discount for 3 Months

DataSpark - 50% Discount for 3 Months

50% Off - First 3 Months


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What is DataSpark?

Dataspark is a great tool for sellers that are selling through Walmart marketplace. It works kind of like Keepa but on steroids.

It has some great keyword research tools using real walmart data to help you optimize your walmart product listings, as well as showing you the keywords you're ranking for.

Dataspark helps you see the buy box competitiveness, demand, pricing and more while you browse walmart with their powerful chrome extension.

It's great for walmart wholesale sellers too, since you can upload catalogs and track performance and sales estimates.

It's easy to use the data too, you can export their data or use their enterprise API to use in your own applications or integrate with Tactical Arbitrage, BuyBoxPro and more. They also released a new Google Sheets Add on

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So What's the DataSpark Deal?

Save 50% Off for your first three months

How to claim the DataSpark Coupon?

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  2. Copy the Coupon Code
  3. Enter it on the Checkout page

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