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Block competitors, bots, click farms and more from clicking on your ads

Works on Facebook, IG, Bing, and Google Ads

Save money, block ad fraud

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If you're running paid traffic, ad fraud is an issue. If you're not monitoring closely, you might be paying for fraud and bot clicks. ClickCease is an easy and automatic solution that can save you thousands.


"The amount of time savings we get from not bringing in the "wrong" leads. I didn't realize how many times our ads were showing outside of our targeted area and in our un-serviceable area. The cost savings is great, but not wasting time on people who will never convert is amazing." - Justin Chapman

"Love how simple it is to use, and the way it works in the background without me having to even think about it! If you're looking for an effortless way to defeat false clicks, ClickCease is the way to go. Really effective where it matters most." - Amanda Meyncke

Clickcease is an easy to use tool that helps us understand the quality of our traffic beyond analytics and the Google Ads interface. It is easy to understand and make changes to your account based on what it says. Their refund management tools are also an added plus. If you think you have an issue with click fraud, ClickCease is a great solution. - Jeffrey Lush

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