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MarketScout - 150 Free Credits

MarketScout - 150 Free Credits

150 Free Credits


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A must for wholesalers - upload supplier sheets with UPCs or Asins and get profitability in just a few clicks

MarketScout Reviews

"MarketScout is a fantastic tool. It’s easy to use, and you can put it into practice immediately. Basically, I use it for reconnaissance. You really can’t look up 10,000 or 30,000 SKUs manually. It’s hard to do even ten. But it all comes down to your strategy. The data is as useful as your strategy is effective." - Frenando Lulli

"We couldn’t believe that we had never known about it [MarketScout] before. It saves us so much work, because I did it all—working through the products and taking each item one by one and pasting into that search bar. It would take hours and weeks to go through catalogs because it’s just too much work. The first time we did it on MarketScout and five minutes later it was all done, my husband said, ‘Oh my, this will make our lives much easier!'" - Eliana

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So What's the MarketScout Deal?

Bonus Credits - get 150 credits when you sign up through Seller.Deals

How to claim the MarketScout Coupon?

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