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LinkWhisper - WP Plugin for Internal Links

LinkWhisper - WP Plugin for Internal Links

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Build out powerful internal links at lightning speed

Increase SEO rankings

Internal Link Reporting + Analytics

Works with multiple sites you own

Internal link building is one of the most underused strategies in SEO and Link Whisper takes the hard work out of it by making intelligent suggestions that are easy to manage. This is a wordpress plugin and built for wordpress sites.

"I’ve had my site for over a decade. So it’s important to me to ensure my content remains relevant and that I include links not only in new content to older content but vice versa. Link Whisper has been a godsend in that manner. I can easily add links based on suggestions whenever I update my posts, but I can also quickly use the dashboard to identify opportunities in older posts that lack relevant links – where I once had no relevant content but now do. It’s helping to increase my pages viewed per visit and decrease my bounce rate, both of which are major wins." - Michelle Price

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