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Seller.Tools - 20% Lifetime Discount

Seller.Tools - 20% Lifetime Discount

20% Lifetime Discount


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Best In Class Keyword Research

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Innovative "Wallet" feature to easily run Giveaways and Promos

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Seller.Tools, recently acquired by Carbon6 is one of the best Amazon tools on the market.

They've release update after update full of game changing tools. They were one of the first to exploit Amazon's Keyword Power API and provide real keyword data from Amazon to sellers. is the best in class for Amazon Keyword research, and their keyword recommendations are spot on.

Here's what Steven Hou, Amazon Seller has to say about their keyword research tools:

"Seller.Tools is hands down, the best keyword research tool out there. Better than Helium 10, in my opinion - it's got several extremely accurate, constantly-updated data points that you can't beat. Even though Amazon itself is always changing, I love that Seller.Tools is always innovating 3 steps ahead of everyone else."

Seller.Tools has some great strategies and automations around launching, and last launch is excellent.

Seller.Tools wallet allows you to add funds and will automate sending these to customers - perfect for giveaways and promotion. Customers can choose from Paypal, Venmo, Visa Gift Cards and more.

If you're looking for a Seller.Tools Coupon Code, Promo Code, or Discount, you're in the right place.

So What's the Seller.Tools Deal?

Save 20% Off FOR LIFE

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