Clickup Strategies

Zack Franklin

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Clickup is the greatest productivity software to ever exist.

It's a mindmap, whiteboard, kanban board, to do list, project management tool and document storage all in one.

I've moved pretty much as much of my thinking as possible over to Clickup, and I feel less stressed and more in control of my life.

Since I can't stop talking about it - people haved asked me, well, how do you use it? So in case it helps anyone else, here's a short look into how I keep things organized.

My Clickup Spaces

Current Projects

In my current projects space - I keep a folder for each current project with all the lists and docs needed.

Daily Dump

I'm a huge fan of David Allen and the "Getting Things Done" method, so I start and end most workdays by writing out a "dump list" which is just every possible conceivable task you need to do - everything from renewing a passport to responding to a text or submitting an application. This way it's out of your head, it's captured, and you can act. 90% of my clickup activity and daily work is done here.

So for this, I create a new list and title it with the date.

The other secret, is to write down the task in the form of the next physical tangible action you need to take. For example, if you need to hire a new VA on, you would write something like open chrome, go to For some reason this eliminates a lot of mental resistance to starting the task.

Once I have that done, I act on the list, delegating what I can, sorting it into what actually needs to get done, and then I just act on it. Anything that didn't get moved to done goes on tomorrow's list.

###Gun to the Head If I'm currently running a Gun To The Head challenge, I'll keep everything focused there, this is my highest priority and usually involves massive effort and planning to ensure I hit the goal on time and avoid losing the bet.


I have this broken down into 3 different lists - daily, weekly, and monthly. Then, I set up recurring tasks. The amazing thing about it is I can add new info, reminders, comments and links to the task the show up every time, so it works like a journal on the specific task. This was incredibly helpful learning spanish.

The Big Things

Keep other big priorities here


Remember to have a social life, and sometimes that requires making plans, being proactive, or just keeping lists of stuff you want to do with friends and loved ones.

Clickup Favorites:

Work Journal

I keep a doc open for each month and add it to my favorites like "Work Journal - April", at the start of each day I write what I want to accomplish or just some thoughts, at the end of the day I write what I learned, interesting links, people to get back to and more. It's been really useful to see how my process and thoughts evolve over time.

Clickup Goals:

I use these to track my GTTH projects, Client work, and goals like Language Learning.

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