How to Hack The Engine Generating $49.5 billion in Amazon Sales.

Zack Franklin

10 minutes read

Amazon pretty much invented the concept of personalized product recommendations and unique home pages for users.

Everyone sees a different Amazon.

And this is driving 35% of the total sales. Which, if I did the math right - is almost $49.5 BILLION last year.

So why do I never hear other Amazon experts talking about it?

Yeah, they might talk about FBT - Frequently bought together.

But there’s an even easier way to get ranked highly in Amazon’s recommendation engine.

And once you do, Amazon will be more likely to send you all kinds of organic traffic - leading to a boost in sales.

Go to your Amazon order history, and you'll see the option to recommend this product or rate the recommendation. It's not a review, it's influencing the recommendation system only.

You can ask buyers to go to their recommendations and rate you, and you'll notice an improvement in your sales.

Ask them to go here: