What is the Buy Box?

Vanessa Hung

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The Buy Box is a crucial factor to improve the overall selling performance of every Amazon seller. The majority of the sales go through the buy box because is the easiest and comfortable place for customers to buy.

What is the buy box?

It is the magical rectangle on a product detail page where customers can purchase products with one click—located on the website on the right side of the page and mobile under the price. The Buy Box only shows products in new conditions, and it does not always have the lowest price. The Buy Box is a marketing opportunity that every seller should aim at. It consists of the best offer possible that can be designed and attained by being strategic about it. It contains a lot of information like: Condition of the product Pricing Shipping and Returns details Name of the Seller Fulfillment type Quantity Warranties or gift options (just for some products) "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons These two last features are the Buy Box's critical elements because they make the buying process seamless, quick, and convenient. When these buttons are not showing on a product detail page, the listing doesn't have a Buy Box. ‍ This is why Buy Box winners usually have a very good conversion rate because it makes the shopping experience way simpler, people can buy with a click. ‍ This virtual real state is shared between the qualified sellers on the listing. Sellers compete for the ownership of the golden button because once they are on it, the clicks and sales are going to them. There can be only one seller at a time in the Buy Box (it considers location). Other sellers can be found in the secondary Buy Box, which is the space under the central rectangle with the information of other offers.

What makes it easier for a seller to win the Buy Box?

The Buy Box is made of a variety of factors that Amazon takes into account. Some include: The price and availability of the product The shipping time and cost The return policy and warranty Customer reviews Sellers can see the percentage of time winning the Buy Box for each ASIN by looking at their Business Reports.

Why is the buy box so helpful?

The reason why the buy box can be so important and valuable it's because this feature improves the user experience. A key pillar to build a brand's success is ease of use, alongside good products and reasonable prices. Even though it doesn't seem like it at first glance, the buy box embodies just that. Because it makes the buying experience a lot simpler by giving the customers what they want with the least amount of effort. This is why the buy box completes a good portion of all sales and why winning this space can mean a significant step forward for every seller.


Because Amazon doesn't share how the Buy Box algorithm works, many things are said and shared that is wrong or partially true. We want to share the facts and common misconceptions about the precious golden space with you. Facts 82% of Amazon sales come from the Buy Box Eligible sellers rotate the time in it It is only for new condition offers It is geographical Myths All listings have a Buy Box The lowest price always wins Only FBA offers are showcased in the space Amazon never shares the Buy Box with third-party sellers (this myth is very controversial, but factually, it is not true)

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