The Amazon "Flu Shot"

Zack Franklin

10 minutes read

The Amazon “Flu Shot” I’ve been thinking a lot about vaccines and the immune system recently.

Odds are, you are too.

Vaccines use a weakened form of a virus to teach your immune system how to handle the “real thing” – creating a powerful form of long-lasting resistance.

But this same concept works as a marketing and persuasion tool that can powerfully affect your Amazon sales… by attacking your own listing you can actually increase sales.

I know it sounds crazy

When potential buyers visit your listing, “smart” customers just go straight to your most critical reviews

and if they don’t like what they find, they’re out of there and buying their garlic press from someone else.

The trick to fixing this is to actually give yourself your “top critical review”

But to make it innocuous or even funny. So when that customer tries to look for the reason not to buy your product, they see either a weak attack against you, or something totally unrelated.