Image Hacks from the Valuelink “Brand Factory”

Zack Franklin

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Image Hacks from the Valuelink “Brand Factory”

“We’re making a brand factory,” Dima said, just moments after placing a $1 million order of dildos from our factory.

We were part of a “special operations” unit in Valuelink, to test if western style branding and marketing would really outperform the “spray and pray” style of Chinese Amazon.

Our mission: find what works, boil it down to SOPs, and apply it to the dozens of brands in the company. Create a brand blueprint we could use to spit out successful brands on demand.

Today, I’ll show you one of the results of our experiments – two of our product images that consistently led to massive increases in our conversion rate and average order value and I’ll break them down to explain why they work so well.

Pushing the Limit on Amazon

Being an experienced Amazon seller is about knowing where to push the limits of the TOS. What I’m about to mention might even be considered grey hat. But the penalties for image violations are typically quite small. The image might be removed. As always, the decision is up to you.

Your Product Images Are The Most Viewed Area On Your Listing!

Image Hack #1: Social Proof This image had a crazy effect on our conversion rates. We were also able to re-purpose it and use it in many different marketing campaigns.

Lyps-Reviews.jpg Natrogix.jpg

You need to use social proof wherever you can online, and instead of leaving it up to your customers to randomly read reviews, show them the reviews you want them to see first to frame how they read the rest of their reviews.

Showing real pictures of your customers is an awesome hack for Amazon that few sellers are using. These pictures have been on the listing since 2016 and they’re still being used. They work.

Image Hack #2: Tiered Discounts to boost AOV Almost every one has a tiered promo on Amazon set up.

You know, buy 2 save 5%, buy 3, save 10%, etc.

But what most people miss is that the special offers/product promotions section is… almost invisible on mobile. this means your potential buyers will probably never see it.

So how do we get incentivize them to buy more units on mobile and boost our average ticket value? Easy – put it IN THE IMAGE.


I don’t know why everyone needed two of the same vibrator. But it didn’t matter, people were buying like crazy, and when we used the same image on our supplements, people went from buying 1 bottle… to 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. It was amazing.

Put this to the test today. Just send those pictures to your graphic designer and have them whip something up.

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