Unlock 8000 Marketing Tools And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

10 minutes read

I've been to hundreds of Amazon meetups and conferences around the world. From Bangkok to Barcelona, and there's a common theme.

In the eyes of most Amazon sellers and even the speakers at these conferences, marketing is limited to 4-5 different tools or channels.

It's always the same:

  1. Amazon Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Manychat
  4. Clickfunnels or if you're lucky, Google.

One of my favorite moments of past speeches I've done comes from introducing sellers to the wider world of marketing.

I show the logos of those four tools everyone else is talking about, and then flip to the next screen, with more than 8000 new companies. Don't worry though, you don't need to learn every single one to start unlocking new potential for your business.

Here it is - the marketing landscape on one single infographic.


Enter the Martech 5000, which has grown to more than 8000 tools.

It's an amazing index of what's new and working in marketing, covering everything from DSPs and Programatic to customer retention or affiliate tracking.

I've found a lot of my favorite tools from playing around with this list, most notably might be Typeform, which allowed me to test any idea at warpspeed and even replaced a lot of my need to build out websites. I use it for everything.

If you're curious about the wider world of marketing and what it can do for your business, then check out this list:


Another site I check daily, is www.ProductHunt.com, highly recommended since it's a bit easier to search.

Test out some tools from the Martech5000 and Producthunt and you'll keep your ecommerce business innovative, fresh, and fun - unlocking new experiences for your customers and new ways for you to operate, while staying ahead of your complacent Amazon competition.